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This is another of my beautiful stories coming though by channelling

I do not know much about anyone else, I just know about myself. If you ask me about the war, it was a waste of time and a waste of good lives. For what? I grew up thinking of the good of mankind. What happens to all those mistakes that people made in the name of wars and protecting their country? What happened to all the millions of men who died protecting that thought? We have to feel that it was worth something to die for,’ the question is,’ where do I go from here?

I am about to end my life – a life that I can no longer live. I looked down at the gun in my hand, with no regrets of what I am about to do. I look to the sky and call out, “If there is a God, please help me.” The only thought that came into my mind was about my friends who I had to leave behind on the battlefield. I felt my hand squeeze the trigger. The music is getting louder as I close my eyes, tears fall down my cheek. Was this the end?

This is his Story

What is happening to me? Your face fills my memories but the memories only bring heartaches of a long time ago. I had such dreams. I had not long left school when mamma said, “It is best to stay on a couple of years longer, to get a good education.” She was right. Mamma was always right. I can hear the clock ticking in the background as I remember the words I said to my Anna a long time ago

The war had just begun in Vietnam and I found myself one of those people who felt that they had to fight for their country. Yes, I did fight for my country but did not understand why? I just did it So many things were going on at that time. People I knew were lying dead at my feet Today I can still hear them screaming. I can still see my friends lying there begging for someone to put a bullet through their head so they do not have to suffer anymore

Some of my friends just walk around in a daze, trying to make sense of what is going on. We were all confused young men who did not have the proper training to face what we had to face here.

When I came home, I did not walk into my mother’s kitchen – someone had to push me in a wheelchair. I was not the same person who had left a long time ago. Now. I have no dreams of the future. I have left them all back there.

My heart ache as I let go of the girl I loved with all my heart. I never stopped loving her. Day after day she would call and beg me to talk to her but I refused, until one day, she stopped calling. I heard that she had found herself a nice young man. I used to watch them walking around the town hoping that they would not see me.

Damn the war! What else can it take away from me? Dear God, is this how my life is going to be? I close my eyes for a moment and you are there? I squeeze my eyes closed tight but the tears still come pouring through.

I heard someone screaming, someone calling for help. As the last thought comes into my mind, I see myself standing up from the wheelchair and walking towards a beautiful light. My friends are calling my name.

As I proudly walk towards them, I turn around and I am looking back at someone in a wheelchair with a bullet hole through his head. There are no regrets.

My mates put their arms around my shoulder. At last, I feel a sense of belonging as we all talk at once. There is no looking back now, only looking forward to a lifetime of memories. Memories that will now stay in the past . By Pam Pam McCagh



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