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knowledge of the afterlife.




My name is Pam McCagh.  I am an international psychic medium. 

I was given these gifts after a near-death experience. And   I am their storyteller.  I listened to the dead, telling me their stories of their life and death experiences.

I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would write a book.  But with help from the other side.  I have completed 20 books and written over 750 of their stories.  I have also won four awards, mostly in America.

I believe they tell me their stories not only to help them to complete their journey but in every book, there is a reason why people read that particular story. I have been told by many people that by reading my books and one particular story helped them to turn their lives around.

 Mostly are loved ones come through to help us to cope with losing,them or someone we love. I am not here to explain what happens in the next world. But I would like to explain about my world’ It is not what I know it is what I feel when I am sitting quietly I know that someone is waiting to come in. And when it happens I listen with an open heart’ to their story’s.

Some of the stories’ I will take with me for the rest of my life and some I will leave behind. Why so many stories? Why so many lives? I do not know and I cannot answer why. But I do now that while the stories keep coming I will listen and try to understand why. I am not the judge just the listener [and the storyteller.]. Most of them come to me for help to help them to cross over.

Some of them come for me to listen to their stories and some just come to be among the living again. I do not Question my life and I do not question there’s. I just know it has to be.

The sound of the person always comes first then a picture and depending on when and where they are at the time. The smell like flowers, perfume or anything that has a strong smell. that they are connected to.

It Does not take long for them to tell their stories it’s just a matter of listening and putting pen to paper. and not stopping until the stories’ complete.I don’t have to worry about the beginning of the story’ or the middle of the story or the end of the story’ because it’s not my story they are their stories’.

When I first started writing stories’ I thought that there were only going to be a few, But I was wrong. I have listened to over 750 of their stories and I am still listening.These are their stories and these are their books.

 Written By Automatic Writing. By Pam McCagh.


Connecting to the Energy Field


They also taught me how to work with energy between my world and their world, I ask for a certain type of energy to move the table and the table moves beautifully.  I do use the table for messages from people from the inside. But now and again.  I like the energy to be happy so I change the energy.

  I invite people around and I show them how the table can move around the room with just a small amount of effort . while their hands are still on the table  I take mine away.  Just to prove I am not making the table move whatsoever.

This always brings a gasp of excitement but most of all, it gives them an understanding of life and death. It teaches them that the energy the they use is the energy that they use themselves come through.


I am also a Teacher.



 These Are Some Of The Things, That I Teach


Tarot Cards.

  I Will Teach You How To Read Every Type Of Tarot Card With Simplicity.



I Will Teach You The Way To Read Vibrations.How The Wave  Sound Comes Into Form Pictures In Your Mind.


Stone Readings.

 And How To Read ‘Just Ordinary Stones Picked Up From The Beach.


Candle Reading.


I Will Teach You How To Read With Candles. Bringing In The Vibrant Colours Of The Universe


Photograph Readings.

 Learn How To Read What Is In And Behind A Photograph


Flower  Readings

Flower Reading Is A Beautiful Experience.It Teaches Us About Life’s Experiences


Crystal Ball

We Don’t Always See What We Want To See,



Take A Look Inside The Promises Of Tomorrow To Find The Answers Of Today


Telephone readings From the Soul

This Is The Ways Of Tomorrow For our loved Ones To hear our call


Healing With The Mind,   Different Ways We Can Use The Mind


 The Talking Table

The Beautiful Extra Ordinary Moving Table The Energy Of Life     


Platform   Medium ship.

The final step

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