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Pam From England

 Is Holding A Meeting Group Of Expressions Of Interest


Have you lost someone to Suicide a child or someone through dramatic incidents or just lost someone you love. Do you ever wonder if you could connect or communicate with them them?


This would be an opportunity for people to get together. It will be an afternoon of discussions. Where you can all asked questions. About your loved ones past on.

 It would be an opportunity to show you how you can connect yourselves and how we can learn to cope. Sunday March 25 from 1..3-30


If you are interested, please call me with your name and your interest..


 For those that wish to book. Please call me 0450103578. . Regards Pam McCagh




  This Is What I Have Learned From My Guide– ©

Comments about Life

Could you imagine living in a place where the only thing that you can remember is the things you left behind?

Is living, feeling, seeing, hearing, and touching, to be our guideline through time itself and of all ages of the universe?  Can man come from where no man can go?  What is it then that we seek, to journey back to the earth-plane, time after time?

 Is grieving not called, ‘feelings beyond our control?’  Can you not wander through time itself and remember the first touch, the first kiss, or just being held, with compassion?

 What great wonders do I ask thee?  What have we learned on the earth that brings us back time after time?  Could it be that there is nothing to compare it to?  What of the knowledge that we take back?  For what purpose is it?  I ask thee to think on this.  Sit there for a moment and think.  Did we not have the greatest gift of all time – our first love? 

 Think back to the joy of being there at our children’s first steps; the pride we felt while watching them walk towards us and the pride that we felt when they uttered their first words. 

We remembered their first day of school.  The hugs and kisses that were given with pride as we watched them on their first journey without us.

When our children lost their first tooth and the anguish, we felt when our child did not arrive home on time.  The pain we feel when we lose someone we love.

The excitement of knowing one day they themselves will be married and have children.  The thought of one day holding a newborn baby and hearing the baby’s first cries.  These are some of the joys of the earth. 

 Did not the teardrops fall and our greatest sadness  felt?  To feel sadness when someone walks away and never comes back; the sadness of knowing there is no one to sit or lay with you when you are lonely; the feeling of loss and loneliness; of growing old and the fear of dying.

Have we forgotten that once we leave the earth we leave behind the gift of life itself – to feel, to see, to hear, to speak and to feel all new experiences, to smell the flowers and to do the things that we took for granted every day of our lives?

 But what if everything is taken away – what if we only have the memories of those things?  How long could we live with memories alone, I ask thee?  When we leave the earth, the memories are the only thing that we take with us.

We remember the beautiful things that we did and saw on the earth.  We also remember the bad things and the sadness that was our life’s experiences.

 Take all these things away and once again, we have nothing but memories.  This is why I say; once again, when we pass over, the longing to return to the earth plane, and all of its experiences are what we seek.  It is the experiences that bring us back time and time again.

Memories are only memories.  We need to live life’s experiences once again; we wander through

Time. Until once more, we can return to God’s earth and once more feel life again. By Pam McCagh              



Comments On My New Book

Comments From the American Readers

The stories reveal people, who recently passed away or who passed away a long time ago and were just waiting for something extraordinary to happen that would allow them to journey to the other side.

 Pam McCagh has witnessed these stories as they were revealed to her,’’ and she hopes that by sharing them with others, she will, in effect, be helping others understand the world of the living and … the other side.

It is a state of relativity and timelessness, a state which, boggles the mind and few people can, or even attempt to comprehend.

It makes one wonder, “Does time stand still?”  There is certainly a sense of disconnect between the two realms, and, as author Pam McCagh points out, “You have to have an open mind, in all things connected with the spirit world.  There are so many different things happening.  This is an interesting book of short stories delving into the realm of life after death.  People who passed away.

Her stories are unique and extraordinary, and most of all beautiful, I wish that I had the gift.  You have to buy the books to understand how and why her stories all have their own meaning of life and death.

A Life Time Of Memories





Medium ship And Connecting To The Other Side.


Just one of the beautiful stories from the other side

I had a lovely day today; I went to see one of my customers, who have been quite upset with things happening in the house.

It did not take me long to find the energy, I walked around the house with my hands on the furniture, and immediately found a piece of furniture with so much energy in.

I told her it was her grandmother.  I told her it is your grandmother the has with you and been so mischievous.

She told me that it was her anniversary coming up in a couple of days, and she would like to contact with her, by the chair.

 I asked her if she would mind sitting in the chair and I would take a photograph. She did.  And the beautiful orbs surrounded her straight away.

 I asked.  Can she feel anything? she closed eyes and said very beautiful warm glow, and it made you feel very happy inside, it only takes a few minutes and that’ is all the spirit world has sometimes.

 but I did tell her that she would be back within a couple of days for the anniversary.  And I asked her to sit in the chair so that a grandmother could be with her.  That is just one of the wonderful things that spirit world gives you is a gift of connecting.

 I would have loved to share this beautiful experience with you.  But it was very private to this young woman so I must respect that she did give me permission to write about it.  I really enjoyed my afternoon.

The Psychic Circle  Of Knowledge 



On The Day .

It is a day when we all gather around the table, using each others energy to communicate, and connect to the other side through learning to listen to accept, and connect.  our world to their world with love and compassion from both sides.

I also teach people to read the tarot cards, by sensing.


colour reading.


 Healing with the mind



How To Cope

A meeting for loved ones that have lost someone by suicide.

There will be a meeting to help you to understand why.

 And to help you cope.

Please call Pam 0450103578

Booking Only.


                                                                                 AN AGREEMENT WITH THE OTHER SIDE

I would like to tell you about books. As I have explained before in my first book – sleep Never Comes for Those That Did Not Reach The Other Side.’ –  That the stories came through while I was writing a shopping list. But it was much more than that, it was the beginning of an urge to fulfill an agreement with the other side.

I am not sure how long it will last and I am not sure whether I will ever finish telling their stories.  But I hope they never stop coming. I don’t know how to explain the gift; I just know it is from the other side.

My work and their stories are just the beginning.  I believe that someone much higher than I could ever imagine is giving me the ability to write their stories. I was told a long time ago that I would write a book and I have asked the good lord why me?’ The answer came back very quickly my guide told me, ‘the spirit people chose you.

 I am not quite sure how many stories are yet to come, but I do know that I have completed three books containing three hundred and eighty stories and they are still coming in from the other side.

The stories in the books are the most beautiful things that I have ever written. Yes, they are sad, but as I was told many times from the spirit world their stories are told to release them of their pain and anguish to find the peace that they so desperately need. I am not their judge just a storyteller and the listener. 

Somehow, somewhere, someone will remember these people and all the stories of long ago. Their stories are about them and about letting go and I sincerely believe that I have been blessed,’’ with this opportunity from the highest of the highest of the universe to help them to let go and move on.


I kept my promise I have written 18 books and over 750 different stories from people all over the world and from all walks of life.’’ I am still writing and I pray to God that the stories keep coming.  God bless them all.


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